Google Chrome Search Widget Announced for Android



Google Adds A New Widget For Chrome on Android for Quick Searches

With so many web browsers updating and appearing, it appears as if Google Chrome is stepping it up a notch. With the latest Canary update, it seems that there’s a new ‘Quick Action Search Widget’ that lets you hunt for content quicker in the search bar on your home screen. However, you might not see the function in your Widgets function as yet.

The new search widget is in the experimental phase, but you can still make use of it. You’ll need to head to chrome://flags on your phone’s browser before selecting ‘Quick Action Search Widget’ to enable it. When you activate it in your Widgets section, you’ll see a spanking new search bar with three shortcut options.

Google Chrome Search Widget Announced for Android

You may notice that nothing happens when you try to use it. At the moment, it’s nothing but an adorable decoration for your phone’s home screen. As Google develops it further, you’ll be able to add shortcuts and there may be suggestions based on your search activity. 

While Google amps up its search engine capabilities, it’s still nothing compared to Opera GX for mobile devices. The browser is optimized for gaming, giving you access to improved gameplay and features. The battle for online supremacy continues as we watch 2021 unfold and the competition heats up. The new ‘Quick Action Search Widget’ will have to do a lot more to impress us.

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